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Greetings and welcome to! This site has been online in various guises since 1996. It is primarily the online presence of the netizen named Frimlin, known to the real world as Ash Harman.

A few of the sites on here were made exclusively by Frimlin himself. But also there are other sites made by various people, most of these sites have something to do with the Creatures series of games from Creature Labs.

Frimlin's previous personal site "The Fire Snake Pit" is now closed, instead to read about Frimlin (Ash Harman) please visit Frimlin's Personal Place instead.

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A list of Creatures sites hosted here:

Wood Norns for Creatures 1 available at Frimlin's Creatures
Frimlin's Creatures

An earlier version of Frimlin's Creatures was voted the Most Popular Creatures site in the World for 1998!

There isn't much here at the moment though. But one thing you can find here is the 'Wood Norns' - an additional FREE breed of Norn for Creatures 1 for you to download.

Helen's Bibble Directory:

Bibble is a site dedicated to the computer game series Creatures. This site supports C1, C2 and C3. Here you can download new things for your creatures games like norns, objects, worlds, rooms, eggs and genomes. There's also some great support for both gameplay and development.


Here you can find the complete BoBWarE suite of Creatures Utilities including BoBCoB - the ultimate Creatures object making tool for Creatures 1 and 2.

Sadly, BoBWarE is no longer in development but the latest versions of the BoBWarE range are available here for download.

NEW: The source code for the BoBWarE suite of Creatures utilities is now available to the public under a modified Zlib licence.

Mike's Creatures: This is another Creatures site made by the author of GEL, a Creatures genetics editor. It seems GEL is no longer in development.

A list of other sites hosted here:

Ash Harman (Frimlin)Frimlin's Personal Place:
The personal site of Frimlin (Ash Harman). Here you can find out more about Frimlin, including photos and even some of his writing.

Frimlin's Michael Bergin Gallery
Frimlin's Michael Bergin Gallery:
Photos of the gorgeous model and actor, Michael Bergin. Why not take a look around?

This welcome page was last updated on the 17th of June 2001. Can't find what you are looking for? Ask the webmaster: Please be aware Frimlin is busy and cannot be expected to reply to all emails.

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